5 reasons to choose Hardwood Floors and Stairs

Hardwood flooring is timelessly beautiful and long-lasting.

Regardless of your decorating style or color scheme, hardwood floors and stairs will fit and flow within your home. When carpets have become worn beyond repair and vinyl floors sustain damage that is impossible to disguise, hardwood will still look as invitingly warm and beautiful as ever, because wood is a naturally durable and tough material with high density levels that make it less vulnerable to scratches and dents. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime, because as scratches and wear begin to show they can be buffed out and refinished to bring back the floor's original beautiful glow.


Installing hardwood flooring promotes healthier living.

Looking for allergy-free, or hypoallergenic flooring? Doctors often recommend hardwood flooring to asthma and allergy patients. Because it does not trap dust and dander like carpets do, the air stays naturally cleaner and house cleaning efforts are more effective. 


Hardwood is eco-friendly.

As a sustainable and natural substance, wood is an environmentally-friendly choice that doesn't contain harmful chemicals – new carpeting can emit harmful chemicals for up to a year. 


The long life of wood flooring also means less wasting of replacement materials. Consider using reclaimed wood flooring to live even greener and add a deeper layer of character to you home.


Hardwood flooring is easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Cleaning hardwood is easy. It only requires a basic wood floor cleaner and a dust mop for everyday sweeping. 


Check out the hardwood maintenance Woodwërks has provided to ensure your floors and stairs are beautiful for years to come. 


Hardwood flooring is versatile.

If you're in the market for new floors, you have an endless assortment of choices available to you in the wood flooring segment. Dozens of species, hundreds of color combinations, several construction types, and several surface textures mean there is a wood floor perfect for any taste, and any room of your home.


If you're working with existing floors, hardwood can be refinished and stained in almost any color, giving you many affordable choices when it is time to redecorate.