Our process

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the building and installation of a curved hardwood staircase.


Although each individual project varies, this will give you an inside look at the careful planning and attention to details you will find with Woodwerks.

Step 1

After taking precise measurements and accurately calculating the rise and slope of the staircase, the first step was to form the skirt boards. The trickiest aspect of this step is ensuring the mock walls are an exact replica of the home's.


Pictured above left is the machining of the skirt board in which the slots for the tread and risers were created, and pictured right is the forming of the closed skirt board along the mock wall built at the Woodwërks shop.  

Step 2

With the mock wall standing and the skirt boards completed, next was installing the tread and risers. 

Step 3

The transportation of the finished staircase had to be handled with the utmost care.


The stairs were carefully loaded onto a trailer by a team of four men for the 60-mile journey to its destination. 

Step 4

After taking precise measurements, making accurate calculations, piecing together and transporting the hardwood staircase, the final step was home installation.