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The Woodwërks Difference

Take your home to a superior level with a Woodwërks 100% custom design. 


After 30 years of creating and installing hardwood flooring and hardwood stairs, Woodwërks professionals are able to offer unique perspectives that deviate from the typical catalog look for flooring, hardwood stairs, hand rails, trim and mantels.


For new builds, the best opportunity for Woodwërks to ensure a smooth, unique design and installation is to be part of the early design process of your home. Instead of working with a limited amount of allotted space, this would allow our professionals to offer you a wider variety of options for a sleek flowing design for your floors, stairs and hand rail. In the long run, it may even mean a less costly floor or flight of stairs since minor planning mistakes for flooring and staircase opening could be avoided.


For more information and pictures, check out our gallery. 

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